Ard Lussa 808 Purgatory Creek Road, Lilydale

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Make your own lifestyle on this peaceful 118 acre farm fronting Purgatory Creek at Lilydale.
Featuring a three bedroom homestead with verandahs on all four sides, a spring-fed dam, established gardens and good shedding, this one is sure to tick a lot of boxes for those eager to start living a more relaxed and self-sufficient country life.
There is also an extra bonus of a fixed caravan with awning for all your friends and family who are sure to want to come and visit!
Situated on Purgatory Creek, within a couple of kilometres of its junction with the Clarence River, the property is well located for fishing and canoeing enthusiasts who want to chase wild Australian Bass and Eastern Cod in the river at Lilydale.
It is approximately 35 minutes drive to Grafton via either the Gwydir Highway or Clarence Way and Copmanhurst village is about 10 minutes drive away.
The property runs both sides of Purgatory Creek Road and boasts plenty of native hardwood species as well as some areas of open canopy grazing.
Suited to horse or motorbike riders, the kids will love exploring their big backyard and with some more spit and polish there is further potential to be realised for those wanting to roll their sleeves up and renovate.
Please watch our video to get a good overview of the property and then call our agency to arrange an inspection. The recent supply in this section of the market has been very tight of late, so please make your interest known early!

Lot & DP info: 1/809591
Size: 47.86 HA (118.2 acres)
Improvements: House, timber framed shed and workshop, fixed caravan and awning, chook pen, wood shed, 2 dams, 4 water tanks, septic tank.

“Glenbrook” 240 Nana Creek Road, Nana Glen

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Start living the self sufficient lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of on this highly productive farm just 20 minutes from Coffs Harbour.
Situated on a quiet country road with next to no passing traffic, this 100 acre Nana Glen property feels a world away from the city, but is in easy reach of all town’s conveniences.
Grow your own vegetables, collect the eggs from the chooks and raise your own herd on the quality pastures.
Water security is assured with four large dams, extremely reliable rainfall, and riparian access to Nana Creek as it gurgles past the farmhouse.
There is a rear access to the property off Coldwater Creek Road which gets you back to town on a flood-free route.
The home is a comfortable farmhouse with three bedrooms and a beautiful aspect set amongst the established garden.
The two-storey workshop set out the back door is one of a kind and will suit tinkerers and hobbyists of all types.
A modern lock-up shed is another excellent addition to your storage capacity. Throw in a standalone machinery shed, two garden sheds, a chook shed and a timber barn and you have an extremely large storage footprint for all sorts of uses.
The cattle yards and fencing are in place for running your herd from day one. Electric fencing has been used to create eight paddocks, all with water either from dams or troughs, and the yards are built to incorporate the old dairy bales.
A long history of stock rotation and careful pasture improvement is evident.
Please watch the video to get a good overview of the property and then call our office to arrange your immediate inspection.
Quality small farms such as this are always in good demand so declare your interest early and make sure not to miss your chance.

Lot & DP info: Lot 1//DP600430
Size: 40.46 Ha (100 acres)
Improvements: House, Shed, Workshop, Machinery Shed, Old Dairy, Cattle Yards, 4 Dams, Garden and Chook sheds.
Rates: Approx $2300 per annum

119 & 169 Timbs Lane, Clarenza

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Announce your arrival on the Ulmarra flood-plain or extend your operation with scale and scope on this excellent grazing package at Clarenza.
Prime alluvial grazing country runs from the Deep Creek swamp to a flood-free hill all in one holding of approximately 350ha (866 acres).
The block survives in the drought, and survives in the floods, and the cattle can thrive whichever way the season breaks.
A carrying capacity of 200 breeders has been declared by the vendor.
Possibilities for development exist with seven titles for sale, and DA approvals are in place should that be “Plan B” in the longer term.
Fencing, water, shelter and flood-relief are all taken care-of, and the new owner can proceed with further enhancements without fear of over-capitalising.
The property has been in the one family for a long period, with improvements made to multiple aspects of the farm in that time.
A combination of steel and timber cattle yards, machinery shed with living quarters, and series of dams and watering points make this property ideal for an absentee owner.
Likewise, the chance to build a family legacy just 15 minutes from town and develop your own homestead in private surrounds is just as alluring.
Priced in-line with the market for grazing properties in our district, this is a genuine sale with options on both the cattle and machinery also available.
Please watch the video to get a good overview of the farm, and then call us on (02) 6643 4411 to arrange your private inspection.
It is rare to find holdings of this scope and potential in the Clarence Valley – don’t miss your shot!

“Glen Garney” 6 Bowlings Road, Ulmarra

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Water security, production and lifestyle combine in this excellent grazing package at Ulmarra.
Set adjacent to the Coldstream River, the property is extremely well watered with three natural springs, a wetland swamp and town water connection.
The renovated three-bedroom home is built over three storeys with a lower level parking and storage area leading up to the main living quarters and then a loft bedroom.
The property can become flood affected but the brilliant trade off is a history of alluvial soil build-up across the paddocks and immensely productive “grass factory” where the current owner has run up to 80 breeders.
Straight over the road you have your own private platform overlooking the Coldstream and the newly constructed Briner Bridge. And don’t forget that Tucabia village and the local shop are just two minutes away from the front gate.
Old farm sheds, a dairy and other out-buildings are complimented by a good set of stables, earth loading ramp and large set of timber cattle yards.
Easy access to the rear of the block can be had via both Bowlings Road, and also a crown road easement on the western edge of the boundary.
There are three titles in all so perhaps a future boundary adjustment or other options will become available for the new owner?
Please watch the video to get a good overview of the property and then call our office today to arrange your inspection.
It is rare to find 150 acres of quality grazing country like this in one package, and with the house to either live in or rent out, there is ample potential for future growth.


Lot & DP info: 235, 236, 237 // DP751390
Size: 61.31 Ha (151.45 acres)
Improvements: House, Shed, Stables, Yards, Old Dairy, Town Water Troughs, Internal fencing.
Council Rates: $2717.23
Material Facts: Flood affected land.

“Riverbed” 212 Gorge Rd, Lilydale

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Unadulterated Clarence River frontage, a beautifully restored 1890’s homestead and 325 acres of productive farmland in one package.
“Riverbed” offers an unparalleled lifestyle with the productive capability to run a successful grazing operation while enjoying all the benefits of living on the banks of New South Wales’ largest river.
Boasting excellent bass and cod fishing, kayaking, canoeing and swimming spots, the river provides a dreamlike setting for the ultimate farm lifestyle.
Hop on the quad and take a run down to the river for a quick afternoon fish before the sun dies over the Gibraltar Ranges behind.
Graze your cattle on the bountiful river-country pastures while you breathe in the fresh country air and enjoy the panoramic views as you go about your farm jobs.
Relax at the end of the week with a cold drink on the verandah and pause to take in the peaceful setting the lovingly renovated home overlooks.
Three bedrooms, a living room, office and the family bathroom make up the old farmhouse, with a walkway joining the kitchen and dining area in a unique but sensible layout surrounded by verandahs and outdoor living zones.
A sparkling in-ground pool, manicured lawns and country garden set the home out amongst the pastures.
Large capacity shedding caters for everything from tinkering in the workshop to storing vehicles, hay and farm equipment.
Currently running a quality herd of 125 Droughtmaster breeders the property has been developed into a standout beef enterprise in the area.
A 17 megalitre irrigation license is included in the sale for those wishing to boost hay or silage production even further.
A large set of timber and steel cattle yards are set against the backdrop of the old timber barn and provide everything required to manage the herd.
Please watch the video to gain an insight into what this property can offer you in terms of lifestyle, and then call our office to arrange your inspection. You won’t be disappointed that you did!

“Yarabee” 9 Timmsvale Road, Ulong

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“Yarabee” offers a brilliant chance to enjoy that peaceful country lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of without giving up your morning stroll to the local cafe!
Situated on the edge of the picturesque Ulong village, and just 40 minutes from Coffs Harbour, the 79.6ha (196ac) property boasts lifestyle benefits to envy.
Become self-sufficient by growing your own veggies and raising your own animals on the approx 11Ha (27 acres) of cleared farmland, and enjoy the serenity of having 68ha (168 acres) of native hardwoods and a potential income source with your own sustainable timber harvests.
The renovated farmhouse matches the vibe of the Ulong lifestyle perfectly.
Timber details abound in the three bedroom, two bathroom home which boasts a modern deck and entertainment area overlooking the valley below.
Light the fire in winter and cosy up in the central living room, or put on the slow cooker in the kitchen and enjoy the homegrown harvest.
In summer the frontage to Ulong Creek means endless afternoons of swimming and the kids and grandkids are sure to be found playing on the rope swing at Timms Park opposite the front paddock.
The local shop and Ex-Services Club are just a short walk into the village and whether its a trip for a cold schooner or just picking up some supplies, you are sure to quickly become part of the community.
Previous timber harvests have yielded the vendors approx $80,000 income in ten year harvest cycles and the next generation of natural hardwoods is evident on inspection.
Please watch the included video to get an overview of what this property can offer, and then call our office to and arrange your private viewing. Your early interest is invited and recommended; farms like this are rarely traded so do not let this one get away!


Lot & DP info: 8//882842
Size: 79.6 hectares (196.6 acres)
Improvements: House, studio, shed, garages.
Area information:

“Wongabri” Jackadgery

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Delivering a magical Mann River frontage, irrigated flats and 797 acres of pristine grazing and timber country “Wongabri” truly is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to secure your family’s future lifestyle.
Fishing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming will fill the summer months while the carrying capacity of 80 breeders plus replacements makes it large enough to secure an income.
The option for irrigation from the pristine waters a luxurious bonus delivering unbeatable drought proofing and a 55ML licence goes with the property as does the underground main line to the irrigation paddock.
An original four bedroom farmhouse is comfortable enough as is, but really lends itself to future renovation.
The outdoor area is a beauty and has heard plenty of good yarns of the one that got away and seen many a camp oven contest.
Set amongst a circle of sheds ranging from colourbond workshop through to timber haysheds and converted dairy buildings, the home has power connected, broadband available and 4G phone reception.
Timber has been selectively cleared opening the sheltered valleys to grazing right up to the hardwood lined ridges. Whether it’s adventure or income you seek, the high parts of the property are equally as enjoyable as the prime grazing on the river.
The Mann is one of the Clarence Valley’s best rivers and arguably the most pristine of all.
The endangered Eastern Cod calls this stretch of river home and trophy winning Australian Bass are regularly caught along this property’s frontage.
Local fishing guru and Mann River caravan park operator Curtis Parker can attest to this and has supplied some great photos of his catches as proof!
Please enjoy watching the video for a quick overview on what this majestic grazing property can offer you in terms of lifestyle and production, and then call our office to arrange your inspection.
The property will be sold via online auction on Wednesday October 28, at 10am.
Terms and conditions of the auction and registrations to bid can be found via the following link at Auctions Plus:


Lot & DP info: 100//DP1018881; 12-14, 23, 40, 44, 187, 197//DP753524
Size: 323 hectares or 797 acres
Improvements: House, sheds, water tanks, steel stock yards, fencing, dams.
Inclusions: Water Access Licence (WAL38755, 55 Units – Lower Mann River), miscellaneous farm implements and irrigation equipment.



“Somerleyton” – Alumy Creek’s finest

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When a property has only been traded once since settlement, you immediately know it is a great place to live.
“Somerleyton” is an immaculate country retreat just 5 minutes from Grafton and set on 110 fertile, alluvial acres.
Positioned next to the Alumy Creek Reserve with views across the flats to the surrounding farmland, the 1920’s house stands proudly amongst established country garden and mature trees.
Renovated and extended to suit modern country living while maintaining its original design, the polished hardwood floors, high ceilings and large rooms are featured throughout the home.
There is also a semi-detatched flat which could suit visiting relatives, or would make the perfect spot for an artist’s studio or B&B accomodation.
Graze your cattle on some of the most productive paddocks in the Clarence Valley, with the option of growing forage crops to help boost your steers to sale topping weights.
In flood times, the farm is blessed.
A long flood-free section runs across the property and over 50% of the farm as well as the house and infrastructure remain out of the reaches of even the biggest flood events – meaning you only need to open a couple of gates to get the herd to safety.
Summer afternoons of cricket can be enjoyed on the well maintained oval next door or if a cool drink on the verandah is your fancy, a garden barbecue with friends under the dappled shade trees is sure to hit the spot.
In winter, cosy up around the wood fire with a good book or get out on the tractor and plant your oats and rye.
Please watch the video to get a good feel for what this property can offer, and then call our office to arrange your inspection.
After 40 enjoyable years here the vendors now invite your attendance at Auction on Saturday, October 31 on-site at 10am.


Quick Facts:

  • 109 acres freehold
  • 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house
  • Self-contained, semi-detached, 1 bed, 1 bath flat
  • All buildings and over half the country flood-free
  • 950m frontage Alumy Creek
  • Town water
  • Excellent choice of public and independent schooling including selective high school
  • School bus to gate
  • 5 kms Grafton CBD
  • 55 km Yamba
  • Air and rail connections Sydney and Brisbane
  • Lot & DP info: 193, 196//DP751371; 1//DP1128061
  • Size: 44.65Ha or 110.3 acres
  • Zoning: RU1 Primary Production.
  • Improvements: House, flat, farm sheds, cattle yards.
  • Rates: Council Rates: $2510.10; LLS Rates: $306.16; Permissive Occupancy Rate: $547.80.


“Bemuda Estate” 467 Great Marlow Road, Grafton

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 1.56.11 pm Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 1.55.47 pm Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 1.55.17 pm 467 Great Marlow Rd 1 467 Great Marlow Rd 2 467 Great Marlow Rd 4 467 Great Marlow Rd 7 467 Great Marlow Rd 10 467 Great Marlow Rd 11 467 Great Marlow Rd 12 467 Great Marlow Rd 14 467 Great Marlow Rd 15 467 Great Marlow Rd 17 467 Great Marlow Rd 16 Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 1.52.57 pm IMG_2806 IMG_2828 IMG_2831 Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 1.53.59 pm IMG_2854 IMG_2857 Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.55.09 am IMG_2876 IMG_2881 IMG_2885 Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.53.20 am Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.54.47 am Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.55.58 am Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.55.30 am

“Bemuda Estate” presents a true country manor on the Clarence River with 106 acres of the best farmland in the district.
The classically designed five bedroom home takes pride of place in its flood-free position overlooking the mighty Clarence – where opportunities for keen boaters, skiers and fisherman abound.
Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, an outdoor pool house with second kitchen and a sealed bitumen driveway to the internal double garage make this a truly liveable property for any size family or number of guests.
Throw in the fully self contained four bedroom workers quarters into the mix and options for multi-generational living or a handy rental income also present.
A grand facade overlooking the river opens into a spiralled wooden staircase dividing the large kitchen and dining rooms from a huge family lounge with open fire, built-in hardwood bar and beautiful bay window overlooking the water.
Work from home in the seperate office or be the envy of any zoom meeting in the magnificent octagonal entertainment area overlooking the pool, river and paddocks depending on where you point your laptop.
Upstairs the main bedroom is enormous and has first class river views with access to the balcony, as well as a generous walk through robe and ensuite.
All bedrooms feature built-in robes and plenty of space with a family bathroom also servicing the second-floor.
Immaculate gardens and lawns surround the home which is all built on a flood-free mound 2.3m higher than the Grafton levy wall.
While the property is set on the alluvial floodplain of the Clarence and benefits from centuries of deposited top soil, there is no chancing the house to any such risk.
Previously managed as an olive grove with 980 trees, the property is now converted back to beef cattle grazing and has also been used to grow lucerne and sudan grass forage crops.
Town water to the paddocks is separately metered allowing easy agistment options to the new owners should you not wish to run the farm yourself.
The school bus stops at the gate, Grafton CBD is only 8km down a quiet country lane and our magnificent beaches are easily accessed by crossing the river on the local ferry.
If you have been dreaming of a brighter future and lifestyle change for your family, now is the time to inspect. Please watch the video to get a good sense of what the property can offer and then call our office on (02) 6643 4411 to arrange your private inspection.
Premium lifestyle properties on the edge of Grafton simply don’t get any better than this.

Lot 133 Possum Hole Lane, Ulmarra

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.13.52 pm Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.14.25 pm Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.14.41 pm Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.15.00 pm Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.15.40 pm Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.16.05 pm Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.16.35 pm Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.17.18 pm Lot 133 Map

Step up your fattening operation and build your dream home on this grazing property just 10 minutes from Ulmarra.
Previously utilised to complement a family cattle holding, the 47 acre farm boasts a set of timber cattle yards, town water and good access.
This section of the Ulmarra floodplain is known for turning off quality cattle, with established couch, paspalum and bahia pastures.
The close proximity to Grafton (approx 15 minutes drive) and local beaches (30 mins) make for an excellent lifestyle.
There is a building eligibility on the property, but a development application must be submitted to Clarence Valley Council prior to December 23, 2021. Further details on this can be obtained from our office.
Priced to sell at $270,000, please make your interest known early as these quality small blocks are in hot demand and it may be a case of first in best dressed.


Lot & DP info: 133//DP751390
Size: 19.35Ha (47.8 acres)
Improvements: Timber Yards, town water.
Material facts:
– Flood affected ground.
– Dwelling eligibility to December 23, 2021.