Beef @ The Barriers

2019 Beef @ The Barriers Charity Marquee

Ray Donovan Stock & Station Agents would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported the Beef @ the Barriers Charity Marquee at South Grafton Cup Day during the July Racing Carnival.

We are now able to announce and are very pleased to advise that a total of $9,670 has been donated to Little Windmills-The Country Kids Charity and are proud that this contribution,  as their motto states, will help to impart Hope, Health and Happiness to those who need it the most.

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2018 Beef @ The Barriers Charity Marquee

Ray Donovan Stock and Station Agents are pleased to announce that this years Ray Donovan’s Beef @ The Barriers Charity Marquee was a great success. We also received two very kind donations from the Baryulgil Fine Flower Campdraft Inc and Motortorque Automotive Grafton. Thank you to everyone that supported the event and we look forward to next years Ray Donovan’s Beef @ The Barriers Charity Marquee.