Sale of Livestock Checklist

  • Do you have the current National Vendor Declaration/Waybill?
  • Do you have FULL LPA Accreditation?
  • Have you sold through Ray Donovan Stock and Station before? If not we need your details.
  • Do your cattle have NLIS devices?

National Vendor Declaration/Waybill

The National Vendor Declaration/Waybill is a declaration by the producers regarding the food safety status for the livestock being sold. The NVD/Waybill is also a legal document for the transportation of livestock. It is important that the NVD/ Waybill is correct, fully completed and must accompany livestock to the saleyards.

To order a National Vendor Declaration Booklet or eDEC’s contact MLA – 1800 683 111 or click here to use the online link.

Consigned to & Destination information for our sales are as follows
Destination PIC: ND992801
Grafton Saleyards
Destination Address: 267 Armidale Road, South Grafton NSW 2460
Consigned PIC: NH002801
Consigned to: Donovan Livestock & Property
50 Armidale Street, South Grafton NSW 2460

Market Demands 2020 LPA NVD edition

Updated versions of LPA NVDs for all species are available now and are identified by version number 0720.
Current versions of NVDs for all species (cattleEU-cattlesheep & lambsgoats and bobby calves) will continue to be accepted until 31 December 2020.
From 1 January 2021, only the updated versions of all NVDs (0720) will be accepted for all species.
You can order the new NVD (0720) at  or by contacting 1800 683 111

Are your NVDs clear, correct and complete?
For an example on how to complete your NVD correctly click here.

Contact the team at Donovan Livestock & Property if we can be of any assistance

Do you have the correct NVD

LPA Accreditation

If your Property Identification Code is not printed on your NVD/ waybill you may not be Fully Accredited with the LPA. For more information go to the MLA website.

National Livestock Identification System

The National Livestock Identification System was introduced to improve the identification and traceability of livestock, allowing individual animals to be identified electronically and tracked from birth to slaughter– for food safety, product integrity and market access purposes. It is mandatory that all cattle are fitted with an NLIS device. Visit the MLA website here for further details.

Client Declaration Form

If you have not sold cattle through Donovan Livestock & Property before you will need to complete a Client Declaration form.

Click below to download this form and return the completed form prior to sale day. For your convenience, you may also return via email to:

Client Details Form

Bank Details Form