Consigning livestock correctly on your LPA NVD

11 MAY 2021
  • In some instances when transporting livestock, the consignee and the destination may be different.
  • When transporting livestock to be sold at a saleyard, the consignee is the agent, but the destination and destination PIC is the saleyard location.
  • When the consignee and destination details are different, the full address for both must be completed and the destination PIC must be for the actual destination the livestock are being transported to.

The LPA National Vendor Declaration (NVD) is a signed, legal document that guarantees the safety of red meat products and enables the traceability of those products along each link in the value chain. This system ensures market access, food safety and maintains the solid reputation of the industry in line with customer expectations.

Incorrectly completed NVDs can be recorded as a non-conformance with the LPA program and may lead to suspension from the LPA program.

Knowing how to complete your LPA NVD so it is clear, complete and correct is essential.

This includes knowing how to correctly complete the ‘consigned to‘ and ‘destination‘ sections of the hard copy NVD and eNVD. Sometimes, the consignee and the destination may be different and have different property identification codes (PICs) and it is important that you identify this on the LPA NVD.

Hard copy NVD

Sample NVD showing how to correctly complete the 'Destination' and 'Consigned to' fields

In the ‘consigned to’ section, you must record the full name and address of the person and/or company that the livestock are being consigned to.

In some instances, the address given in the ‘consigned to’ section may be different to the actual physical location that the livestock are being sent to.

For example, when transporting livestock to be sold at a saleyard, the consignee is the agent and the destination is the saleyard location.

In this case, you need to ensure that the destination PIC of the saleyard and its full physical address is included in the destination section of the LPA NVD.

To locate the destination PIC for your LPA NVD:

  • ask the agent or buyer before loading at the yards
  • search in the NLIS database PIC register
  • if using the eNVD, use the search function.


When completing an eNVD, please ensure that consigned to and destination details are entered correctly.

The following screenshot shows where the Consigned to (1), Destination of livestock (2) and Destination PIC (3) need to be completed.

eNVD screenshot showing where the consigned to and destination fields are

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