Grafton Market Report

Date: Tuesday 4th August 2020

Total Head Yarded: 487 Export: 217 Veal: 270

Comments: There was a lift in numbers this week, export cattle were well supplied, and condition was good. The market for both bullocks and cows was fully firm, even though one processor didn’t operate. Prime vealers were very scarce, however, 406.2c/kg was reached for calves going to slaughter. Restockers were lacking weight but prices still very good in a fully firm market.

Bullocks & Steers550+315 c/kg295 to 310
Feeder Steers350kg+400 c/kg370 to 380
Cows450kg+285.2 c/kg265 to 275
Boner Cows/Meatworks256.2 c/kg230 to 245
Boner Cows/Re-Stockers350kg275 c/kg250 to 260
Heifers 400kg+310 c/kg285 to 300
Yearlings300kg to 380kg388 c/kg365 to 375
Vealers/Meatworks200kg to 280kg406.2 c/kg388 to 398
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg460 c/kg420 to 450
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg410 c/kg390 to 400
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg546.2 c/kg450 to 500
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg520 c/kg430 to 460
Bobby Calves70kg to 110kg430 c/kg400 to 420
BullsOver 550kg295.2 c/kg265 to 280

Sale Highlights include:

A/c LAD Investment Pty Ltd sold Brahman Bullocks 310c/kg averaged 725kg – $2,247.50 p/hd

A/c Penrose Asset Pty Ltd sold Angus Bullocks 310c/kg averaged 672.5kg – $2,084.75 p/hd

A/c B & W Borsato & Caldieraro sold an Angus Steer 315c/kg weighed 590kg – $1,858.50

A/c Angus McDonald sold Angus Steers 373.2c/kg averaged 475kg – $1,772.70 p/hd

A/c Jesse O’Neill sold Santa Cross Steers 400.2c/kg averaged 424kg – $1,696.85 p/hd

A/c PJ & WJ Beel sold a Charolais Heifer 314.2c/kg weighed 510kg – $1,602.42

A/c PJ & WJ Beel sold a Brahman Cross Cow 285.2c/kg weighed 635kg – $1,811.02

A/c EW & NR Dean sold an Angus Cow 282.2c/kg weighed 665kg – $1,876.63

A/c W & S Donoghue sold Charolais/Santa Cross Cows 282c/kg averaged 615kg – $1,734.30 p/hd

A/c LAD Investments sold Limousin Cows 278.2c/kg averaged 563.1kg – $1,566.61 p/hd

A/c LR & VB Franey sold Angus Steers 430.2c/kg averaged 338kg – $1,454.08 p/hd

A/c MA, DM, CA & KA Johnson sold Brahman Vealer Heifers 406.2c/kg averaged 285kg – $1,157.67 p/hd

A/c T & N O’Rourke sold Angus Vealer Steers 546.2c/kg averaged 169.3kg – $924.64 p/hd

Next Store Cattle Sale 20th August 2020

Store Cattle Sale

Date: Thursday 16th July 2020

Total Head Yarded: 1548 x 79


Graftons July Store Cattle Sale once again attracted big numbers, well above what was expected. The market was fully firm on all categories, which was a great result considering the quality was back on previous sales. The highlights of the sale would be the Angus Steer weaners reaching 544c/kg weighing 188kg, realising $1,027.93 A/c of T & N Flintoff. Other highlights included the herd dispersal of RR Davey Estate’s Santa Gertrudis infused herd, with the lead of the PTIC Cows reaching 358.2c/kg, 508kg to realise $1,822.00. The large gallery of buyers competed strongly, cattle went up to Roma in Queensland, west to Warialda and everywhere in between.

Store Bullocks450kg+324 c/kg380 to 310
Feeder Steers350kg+410 c/kg375 to 395
PTIC Cows358.2 c/kg285 to 310
Boner Cows/Restockers350kg288 c/kg260 to 275
PTIC Heifers$1,600.001,200 to 1,400
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg530.2 c/kg450 to 520
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg420.2 c/kg380 to 410
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg568.2 c/kg500 to 550
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg486.2 c/kg400 to 420
Cows & Calves$2,360.001,500 to 2,000

Sale Highlights include:

A/c C & D Ede sold Brangus Cross Steers 372.2c/kg averaged 490kg – $1,823.78 p/hd

A/c CDA Rogers sold an Angus Steer 324.2c/kg weighed 465kg – $1,507.53

A/c Jennifer Edwards sold Santa Cross Steers 388.2c/kg averaged 468.9kg – $1,820.23 p/hd

A/c J McCaffery & S Webster sold Angus Steers 410.2c/kg averaged 382.9kg – $1,570.48 p/hd

A/c SE & TJ Kelly sold Angus Steers 530.2c/kg averaged 205kg – $1,086.91 p/hd

A/c PF & CL Tarrant sold Angus Steers 514.2c/kg averaged 220kg – $1,131.24 p/hd

A/c M & B Mulhearn sold Angus Steers 534.2c/kg averaged 179kg – $956.22 p/hd

A/c Thomas Flintoff sold Angus Steers 544.2c/kg averaged 188.9kg – $1,027.93 p/hd

A/c J & W Hope sold Angus Steers 546.2c/kg averaged 146.5kg – $800.18 p/hd

A/c KSJ Davis sold Charolais Steers 562.2c/kg averaged 152.5kg – $857.36 p/hd

A/c Glen McCarthy sold Angus Cross Steers 586.2c/kg averaged 95kg – $556.89 p/hd

A/c Fred Morgan Family Trust sold Angus Cross Heifers 416.2c/kg averaged 230.9kg – $961.04 p/hd

A/c CO Austen & Sons sold Angus Heifers 482.2 c/kg averaged 145.5kg – $701.60 p/hd

A/c M & B Mulhearn sold Angus Cross Heifers 418.2c/kg averaged 207.5kg – $867.77 p/hd

A/c KSJ Davis sold Angus Cross & Charolais Cross Heifers 484.2c/kg averaged 113kg – $547.15 p/hd

A/c BE & DM Drury sold a Charolais Cow & Calf – $2,360.00

A/c DW Morgan sold a Droughtmaster Cross Cow & Calf – $2,220.00

A/c Jeanette Newton sold Angus Cross Cows & Calves – $2,320.00 p/unit

A/c Brett Ellem sold Brahman Cross Cows & Calves – $2,320.00 p/unit

A/c Estate of RR Davey sold Santa Cows 338.2c/kg averaged 606.7kg – $1,991.08 p/hd

A/c Estate of RR Davey sold Santa Cross Cows 358.2c/kg averaged 508.9kg – $1,822.84 p/hd

A/c Brett Ellem sold a Brahman Cow 290.2c/kg weighed 480kg – $1,392.96