Grafton Market Report

Date: Tuesday 12th December, 2017


The last Fat Sale for the year saw a reduced penning of cattle, in a mixed quality yarding. Not all export buyers operated, which resulted in a cheaper trend for bullocks, however it did not affect the cow market, with the best cows selling to 230c/kg.

Vealers and restockers sold fully firm, even though quality was back compared to last week.

Bullocks & Steers550+269.2 c/kg240 to 250
Feeder Steers350kg+280 c/kg265 to 275
Cows450kg+230 c/kg218 to 225
Boner Cows/Meatworks200 c/kg185 to 195
Boner Cows/Re-Stockers350kg200 c/kg185 to 195
Heifers 400kg+262 c/kg225 to 230
Yearlings300kg to 380kgN/Q
Vealers/Meatworks200kg to 280kg330 c/kg315 to 325
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg362.2c/kg345 to 355
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg320 c/kg300 to 310
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg398 c/kg375 to 385
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg334 c/kg310 to 320
Bobby Calves70kg to 110kg360 c/kg340 to 350
BullsOver 550kg250 c/kg238 to 245


Next Grafton Store Sale – Thursday 14th December 2017

Grafton Store Sale Market Report

Thursday 16th November 2017

Big Numbers Bring The Buyers

There was a big jump in numbers at Grafton’s monthly Store Sale on Thursday 16th November, with a total yarding of 1249 head.
The market was strong for all categories, in particular the yarding of 123 Cows & Calves, which sold up to $200 better than last month.
The team at Ray Donovan Stock & Station Agents would like to thank our Clients for presenting a very good draft of cattle, with most pen’s showing good quality and condition.

Check out some of the highlights:

Lesley & Lindsay Eagles sold a Santa Cross Steer, 304.2c/kg weighed 465kg – $1,414.53 p/hd

Trent Dendle sold an Angus Cross Steer, 306.2c/kg weighed 445kg – $1,362.59 p/hd

Steve & Megan Smith sold Brangus Steers, 336.2c/kg averaged 320kg – $1,075.84 p/hd

R Hudson sold Angus & Charolais Steers, 334.2c/kg averaged 362.5kg – $1,211.48 p/hd

JA & KA Clancy sold Brahman Cross Steers, 324.2c/kg averaged 362.2kg – $1,174.32 p/hd

SB Watters Pty Ltd sold Angus Cross Steers, 340.2c/kg averaged 322.5kg – $1,097.15 p/hd

B & G Walters sold Charolais Cross Steers, 336.2c/kg averaged 324kg -$1,089.29 p/hd

JI Van Den Ende sold Charolais Steers, 342.2c/kg averaged 295.8kg – $1,012.34 p/hd

AD & KG Morgan sold Simmental Cross Steers, 336.2c/kg averaged 293.8kg – $978.59 p/hd

Peter Schuback sold Santa Cross Steers, 340.2c/kg averaged 269.4kg – $916.41 p/hd

Gordonbrook sold Charolais Cross Steers, 360.2c/kg averaged 270kg – $972.54 p/hd

Margaret Hoare sold Droughtmaster Steers, 368.2c/kg averaged 279.2kg – $1,027.89 p/hd

Chapmans Peak Pty Ltd sold Charolais Cross Steers, 372.2c/kg averaged 225kg – $837.45 p/hd

RS Eggins sold Charolais Cross Steers, 384.2c/kg averaged 220.8kg – $848.44 p/hd

Doug Whitehead sold Angus Cross Steers, 400.2c/kg averaged 175.8kg – $ 703.69 p/hd

Gordonbrook sold Charolais Cross Heifers, 318.2c/kg averaged 239.6kg – $762.46 p/hd

Bevan Want sold Murray Grey Cow & Calf – $1,720 p/unit

RA & BI Marsh sold  Santa Cross Cows & Calves – $1,660 p/unit

Seyah Pty Ltd sold Brangus Cows & Calves, $1,820 p/unit

AJ, PJ & SM Williamson sold Brahman Cross Cows, 220.2c/kg averaged 487.8kg – $1,074.09 p/hd

MA & L Heyman sold Droughtmaster Cows, 226.2c/kg averaged 520kg – $1,176.24 p/hd