Grafton Market Report

Date: Tuesday 17th October, 2017

150 Head Yarded 50 Export 100 Veal


Numbers fell by 100 head this week as the shortage of prime cattle really starts to take hold. The export market was fully firm, however the quality and condition was not as good as last week. Vealers lifted by 5-8c/kg to make a top of 302c/kg. Restockers once again lifted 15-20c/kg on last week’s price increase.

Reminder Store Sale this Thursday, phones have been running hot with enquiries. Demand will be high.


Bullocks & Steers550+255c/kg240 to 250
Feeder Steers350kg+N/Q
Cows450kg+222c/kg210 to 220
Boner Cows/Meatworks200c/kg185 to 195
Boner Cows/Re-Stockers350kg210c/kg200 to 205
Heifers 400kg+248.2c/kg225 to 235
Yearlings300kg to 380kg300/kg290 to 295
Vealers/Meatworks200kg to 280kg302c/kg290 to 300
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg365c/kg340 to 350
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg306c/kg295 to 300
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg274.2c/kg360 to 370
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg340.2c/kg325 to 335
Bobby Calves70kg to 110kg350c/kg330 to 340
BullsOver 550kgN/Q


Next Grafton Store Sale – Thursday 16th November 2017

Grafton Store Sale Market Report
Thursday 19th October 2017

Grafton’s monthly Store Cattle Sale saw 557 head go through the ring in a fair to good quality yarding. Following the recent rain fall across the local & surrounding areas, the market jumped up to 50c/kg higher in places compared to last month’s sale.Store bullocks were once again in high demand with competition coming from the local area as well as the Lower Macleay. Not many feeder steers were yarded, but still managed to reach just over the 300c/kg mark.

Weaner steers were the highlight and were also in good numbers. The best of the Euro cross steers reached up to 380c/kg with most sales ranging between 340-360c/kg.

Heifers also followed the higher trend with the best reaching 320c/kg for 220kg + calves.

Cows & Calves bucked the trend and didn’t see strong demand considering the general lift in other categories.

As I sit here and write this report there is once again rain falling across North Western NSW and predicted to reach our region over the next 24 hours. The market for re-stocker cattle should stay very strong as we move into the summer season.

The next Grafton Store Cattle Sale will be held on the 16th November. If you are thinking of selling please contact us today. Early bookings are appreciated for maximum exposure.

Sale Highlights include:

M Henry sold Santa Cross Steers, 290.2c/kg averaged 448.8kg, $1302.27

Gavan Avard sold Charolais Steer, 304.2c/kg weighed 365kg, $1110.33

M & B Mulhearn sold Angus Cross Steers, 336.2c/kg averaged 272.5, $916.15

M Jacques & T Dyksma sold Angus Cross Steers, 340.2c/kg averaged 303.6kg, $1032.75

IM & JL Fahey sold Brangus Steers, 342.2c/kg averaged 272.5kg, $932.50

RA Clark Pty Ltd sold Charbray Steers, 350.2c/kg averaged 252.5kg, $884.26

The Morgan Family Trust sold Charbray Steers, 358.2c/kg averaged 262kg $938.48

GE Hollingsworth sold Brahman Cross Steers, 366.2c/kg averaged 261.3kg, $956.70

T Payten sold Charolais Cross Steers, 370.2c/kg averaged 236.7kg, $876.14

M & B Mulhearn also sold Angus Heifers, 310.2c/kg averaged 287.8kg, $892.69

SD & K Barnier sold Charolais Cross heifers, 318.2c/kg averaged 236.7kg, $753.07

RA Clark Pty Ltd sold Charolais Cross Cows & Calves, $1460p/hd

William McDonald sold Angus Cross Cow & Calf, $1340p/hd