Grafton Market Report

Date: Tuesday 26th May 2020

Total Head Yarded:  750 Export: 350 Veal: 400

Comments: Both bullocks & cows were well supplied this week, all of which sold to a fully firm market. The quality of the yearling cattle was down, which was reflected in the prices. Surprisingly, there was a good run of light weaners which saw similar rates to last week, the lighter calves could have been slightly dearer.

Bullocks & Steers550+345 c/kg325 to 340
Feeder Steers350kg+370 c/kg330 to 350
Cows450kg+297.2 c/kg275 to 285
Boner Cows/Meatworks260 c/kg200 to 220
Boner Cows/Re-Stockers350kg270 c/kg240 to 265
Heifers 400kg+320 c/kg285 to 300
Yearlings300kg to 380kg350 c/kg320 to 340
Vealers/Meatworks200kg to 280kg368 c/kg340 to 360
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg470 c/kg380 to 440
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg420 c/kg360 to 390
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg480 c/kg400 to 450
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg430 c/kg390 to 420
Bobby Calves70kg to 110kg400 c/kg350 to 380
BullsOver 550kg293 c/kg275 to 285

Next Store Cattle Sale 18th June 2020

Store Cattle Sale

Date: Thursday 21st May 2020

Total Head Yarded: 1398 x 90

Comments: Numbers continued to flow at the May Store Cattle Sale, all categories were well represented. The market was once again very strong with a large panel of outside buyers in attendance. Feeder Steers sold to 386c/kg, most sales between 350-370c/kg. Weaner Steers were not quite as strong as a fortnight ago, however, 500c/kg was reached on the odd occasion with most sales of quality calves making 420-485c/kg. Cows and Calves were a standout especially the lighter condition types, with not many sold under $1,600.00, to a top of $2,500.00 for good Charolais Cows with big lumps of calves at foot. Restockers and processors were both very active on PTIC Cows, to see the best reach 305c/kg to go back to the paddock.

Store Bullocks450kg+302.2 c/kg270 to 290
Feeder Steers350kg+386.2c/kg350 to 375
PTIC Cows304.2 c/kg270 to 295
Boner Cows/Restockers350kg290 c/kg240 to 270
PTIC Heifers$1,640.001,250 to 1,500
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg488.2 c/kg420 to 470
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg428.2 c/kg380 to 410
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg518.2 c/kg430 to 460
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg450.2 c/kg370 to 420

Sale Highlights include:

A/c AM & IM Wood sold a Senepol Cross Steer 350.2 c/kg weighed 515kg – $1,803.53

A/c DW & LF Green sold Angus Cross & Charolais Cross Steers 376.2 c/kg averaged 480kg – $1,805.76 p/hd

A/c Volker Ruehe sold Simmental Cross Steers 386.2 c/kg averaged 412.5kg – $1,593.08 p/hd

A/c Geoff Ward sold Angus Steers 376.2c/kg averaged 400.8kg – $1,507.94 p/hd

A/c RW & P Lowe sold Angus Steers 374.2c/kg averaged 428.8kg – $1,604.38 p/hd

A/c WJ Clancy sold Charolais Steers 412.2c/kg averaged 301.7kg – $1,243.47 p/hd

A/c AT Hartmann sold Angus Cross Steers 426.2c/kg averaged 271kg – $1,155.00 p/hd

A/c Bradley McPherson sold Charolais Steers 426.2c/kg averaged 260.8kg – $1,111.67 p/hd

A/c TMMM Pastoral Pty Ltd sold Charolais Cross Steers 468.2c/kg averaged 202.9kg – $949.78 p/hd

A/c SJ Hyatt sold Brangus Steers 428.2c/kg averaged 262.9kg – $1,125.91 p/hd

A/c M & B Mulhearn sold Angus Steers 476.2c/kg averaged 203.3kg – $968.27 p/hd

A/c SB Watters Pty Ltd sold Brangus Steers 468.2c/kg averaged 243.3kg – $1,139.29 p/hd

A/c AJ, PJ & RJ Matthews sold Angus Steers 488.2c/kg averaged 205kg – $1,000.81 p/hd

A/c WA Thompson sold Angus Steers 498.2c/kg averaged 170kg – $846.94 p/hd

A/c WJ Bultitude sold Angus steers 466.2c/kg averaged 230kg – $1,072.26 p/hd

A/c Jackadgery Park Farming sold Angus Steers 518.2c/kg averaged 162kg – $839.40 p/hd

A/c Mannifera Pty Ltd sold PTIC Angus Cross Heifers – $1,640.00 p/hd

A/c S Blackadder sold Angus Heifers 336.2 c/kg averaged 479kg – $1,610.40 p/hd

A/c M & B Mulhearn sold Angus Heifers 428.2c/kg averaged 243.5kg – $1,042.50 p/hd

A/c BJ Slarke Pty Ltd sold Angus Cross Heifers 428.2c/kg averaged 246.8kg – $1,056.88 p/hd

A/c TMMM Pastoral Pty Ltd sold Charolais Cross Heifers 422.2c/kg averaged 198.2kg – $836.95 p/hd

A/c MV & EA Fahey sold Brangus Cows & Calves – $2,120.00 p/unit

A/c J & J Cussen sold Charolais Cows & Calves – $2,500.00 p/unit

A/c Eva Staehelin sold Angus Cross Cows & Calves – $2,300.00 p/unit

A/c Mark Nelson sold Angus Cows & Calves – $2,000.000 p/unit

A/c MV & EA Fahey sold Brangus Cows 304.2c/kg averaged 557.9kg – $1,697.18 p/hd

A/c Mannifera Pty Ltd sold Angus Cross Cows 294.2c/kg averaged 547.5kg – $1,610.75 p/hd

Grafton Annual Feature Weaner Sale

Date: Thursday 7th May 2020

Total Head Yarded:  3,293


The Annual Feature Weaner Sale held in Grafton last week, is one that will go down in history for more reasons than one.

3,293 head were yarded, which is believed to be the biggest single day Sale on record in Grafton. Not only was it a huge yarding but the prices were also hitting new heights.

It was a testament to the producers who put in the effort and presented such a quality line up of cattle. All day Wednesday local livestock carriers were kept busy, hauling cattle from Bellingen to Baryulgil and everywhere in between.

There was a strong contingent of buyers, with many still there late into the evening securing large numbers of weaners for orders, mainly west of the Great Divide and South into the Central West of NSW.

This year we included the team from Stocklive, to provide both buyers and vendors the option to bid or watch online. Due to the large numbers it was impossible to keep the catalogue running, however it was great to talk with vendors after the Sale and realise many of them had watched their cattle go through the ring.

At times throughout Wednesday and Thursday it seemed almost impossible to make it all happen. But thanks to a team of excellent staff, it did. The effort that was put in from the Auctioneers, Office Staff and the Yardmen was outstanding.

Thank you to all buyers for your support, the market was strong from start to finish and your participation was certainly appreciated.

Congratulations and thank you to all vendors on the quality line-up on offer. Although we couldn’t have the usual presentation for the winning pens, the cattle were still judged and there will be an announcement of the winners in coming days.

Thank you also to the sponsors of this year’s Sale.

Vendor Highlights

CA & KJ Hoffman sold a pen of Charolais Cross Steers 388.2c/kg averaged 397.1kg and returned $1541.71p/hd

JA & KA Clancy sold a pen of Brahman/Charolais Cross Steers 400.2c/kg averaged 339.2kg and returned $1357.35 p/hd

WD & PM Browning sold a pen of Angus Steers 484.2c/kg averaged 281.4kg and returned $1362.68 p/hd

F & S Kelly sold a pen of Angus Steers 498.2 c/kg averaged 232.5kg and returned $1158.32per head.

RW Shearer sold a pen of Angus Steers 520.2c/kg averaged 209.1kg and returned $1087.69p/hd

SE & TJ Kelly sold a pen of Angus Steers 514.2c/kg averaged 205kg and returned $1054.11p/hd

Thomas Flintoff sold a pen of Angus Steers 518.2c/kg averaged 223.2kg and returned $1157.31p/hd

PF & CL Tarrant sold a pen of Angus Steers 522.2c/kg averaged 193.8kg and returned $1,011.76 p/hd

Alec & Jenna Jones sold a pen of Angus Steers 522.2c/kg averaged 200.8kg and returned $1048.42p/hd

Baryulgil Pastoral Co sold a pen of Charolais Cross Steers 514.2c/kg averaged 228.7kg and returned $1175.80 p/hd

B & S Howlett sold a pen of Charolais Cross Steers 486.2c/kg averaged 227.5kg and returned $1106.11p/hd

JB & PA Green sold a pen of Angus Steers 514.2c/kg averaged 180kg and returned $925.56 p/hd

Jizzy Genetics sold a pen of Angus/Black Simmental Cross Steers 482.2c/kg averaged 194.4kg and retuned 937.28p/hd

BVG Taylor sold a pen of Angus Cross Steers 526.2 c/kg averaged 130.8kg and returned 688.45p/hd

Baryulgil Pastoral sold a pen of Charolais Cross Heifers 428.2c/kg averaged 199.7kg and returned $915.13 p/hd

L & L Eagles sold a pen of Charolais Heifers 438.2c/kg averaged 240kg and returned $1051.68p/hd

Sherwood Pastoral sold a pen of Angus Heifers 438.2c/kg averaged 211.4kg and returned $926.48p/hd

N & D O’Connell sold a pen of Angus Heifers 434.20c/kg averaged 208.8kg and returned $906.39p/hd

BVG Taylor sold a pen of Angus Heifers 448.2c/kg averaged 156.2kg and returned $699.88 p/hd