Grafton Market Report

Date: Tuesday 8th October 2019

Total Head Yarded:  296 Export: 80 Veal: 216

Comments: There were less cattle yarded once again following the long weekend. Bullocks & heifers were very scarce hence no accurate quote, while cows sold slightly cheaper mainly being quality related. Young cattle to processors saw a lift of up to 10c/kg, while restockers sold firm on last weeks rates.

Bullocks & Steers550+N/Q
Feeder Steers350kg+275 c/kg260 to 270
Cows450kg+218 c/kg200 to 210
Boner Cows/Meatworks175 c/kg160 to 170
Boner Cows/Re-Stockers350kgN/Q
Heifers 400kg+N/Q
Yearlings300kg to 380kg240 c/kg220 to 230
Vealers/Meatworks200kg to 280kg236.2 c/kg220 to 230
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg245 c/kg230 to 240
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg180 c/kg160 to 170
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg200 c/kg175 to 185
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg150 c/kg120 to 130
Bobby Calves70kg to 110kg200 c/kg180 to 190
BullsOver 550kgN/Q

Next Store Cattle Sale Thursday 17th October 2019

Store Cattle Sale

Date: Thursday 19th September 2019

Total Head Yarded:  966 x 37

Comments: Dry weather continues to push cattle onto the market with many producers opting to sell instead of feed. There was large numbers of steers which would not usually be sold until after Christmas. The market for bullocks was softer compared to last month, mainly due to an oversupply, while steers 280-480kgs sold remarkably well with a Queensland backgrounder taking most of these. Both weaner steers and heifers sold easier which was mainly quality related. 37 cows and calves were offered selling dearer compared to previous sales. Plain condition and light cattle once again saw very little competition.

Store Bullocks450kg+235 c/kg220 to 230
Feeder Steers350kg+276.2 c/kg260 to 270
Boner Cows/Restockers350kg140 c/kg100 to 120
PTIC Heifers$960800 to 900
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg276.2 c/kg255 to 265
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg210 c/kg180 to 190
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg220 c/kg190 to 210
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg176.2 c/kg120 to 140
Cows & Calves$710450 to 550

A/c Springwood Grazing sold Angus & Brahman Cross Steers 250.2c/kg averaged 401.7kg – $1,004.97 p/hd

A/c Robert Giggins sold Santa Cross Steers 272.2c/kg averaged 450kg – $1224.90 p/hd

A/c A Reardon sold Angus Steers 276.2c/kg averaged 445.7kg – $1,231.06 p/hd

A/c Dept of Industry & Investment sold Angus Cross Steers 266.2c/kg averaged 412.5kg – $1,098.08 p/hd

A/c TMMM Pastoral sold Angus Steers 264.2c/kg averaged 333.2kg – $880.27 p/hd

A/c Josh Green sold Ultrablack Steers 276.2c/kg averaged 332.5kg – $918.37 p/hd

A/c TMMM Pastoral sold Charolais Cross Steers 272.2c/kg averaged 292.5kg – $796.19 p/hd

A/c T & K Child sold Angus Steers 220.2c/kg averaged 180kg – $396.36 p/hd

A/c AJ, PJ & RJ Matthews sold Angus Heifers 260.2c/kg averaged 313.6kg – $816.08 p/hd

A/c Susan Moore sold Sangus Cows & Calves $700.00 p/unit

A/c Ben McLennan sold a Brangus Cow & Calf – $710.00