Grafton Market Report

Date: Tuesday 14th January 2020

Total Head Yarded:  493 Export: 180 Veal: 313

Comments: Quality and condition was of a much higher standard this week, which was certainly reflected in the prices. With one of the best rainfall forecasts anticipated, all export processors were back in action and competing in a much stronger market. There were too few heavy bullocks for an accurate quote, while cows and heavy heifers sold 20-30c/kg better than last week. A good run of grain fed yearlings and vealers came forward, also selling 10c/kg dearer. Restockers also followed dearer trends to see lightweight Angus Steers selling to 250c/kg and their sisters to 200c/kg.

Bullocks & Steers550+N/Q
Feeder Steers350kg+260 c/kg240 to 250
Cows450kg+233.2 c/kg220 to 230
Boner Cows/Meatworks180 c/kg165 to 175
Boner Cows/Re-Stockers350kg174 c/kg150 to 160
Heifers 400kg+270.2 c/kg255 to 265
Yearlings300kg to 380kg276 c/kg255 to 265
Vealers/Meatworks200kg to 280kg252 c/kg240 to 250
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg268 c/kg245 to 255
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg220 c/kg200 to 210
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg250.2 c/kg230 to 240
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg200.2 c/kg180 to 190
Bobby Calves70kg to 110kg206 c/kg185 to 195
BullsOver 550kg250 c/kg235 to 245

Next Store Cattle Sale Thursday 16th Janaury 2020

Store Cattle Sale

Date: Thursday 16th January 2020

Total Head Yarded:  316 x 6

Comments: Well what a difference some decent showers and a strong forecast of rain can make. The first Store Sale for 2020 saw a pleasing result for producers who were willing to sell, with almost as many spectators and buyers as there was cattle yarded. The market was stronger by 30-40c/kg across the board, feeder and weaner steers being the highlight. Feedlotters paid to 296.2c/kg for quality steers, while the best of the weaners sold to 310c/kg for a couple of isolated pens but mostly 275-290c/kg. Good quality Angus weaner heifers reached 252c/kg. There was only one pen of cows & calves which sold to $900.00. As we look to the sky wait for the rain to fall (fingers crossed it happens) it’s certainly the big break we need. Exciting times ahead.

Store Bullocks450kg+N/Q
Feeder Steers350kg+296.2 c/kg280 to 290
Boner Cows/Restockers350kg126 c/kg80 to 100
PTIC HeifersN/Q
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg274.2 c/kg280 to 290
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg252 c/kg235 to 245
Light Re-Stocker Steers150kg to 200kg290.2 c/kg260 to 270
Light Re-Stocker Heifers150kg to 200kg202.2 c/kg170 to 180
Cows & Calves$900

A/c Des Kratz sold Angus Steers 284.2c/kg averaged 475.6kg – $1,351.53 p/hd

A/c RA & KL Farlow sold Angus Steers 292.2c/kg averaged 409kg – $1,195.10 p/hd

A/c TW & DL McWhirter sold Gelbvieh Cross Steers 292.2c/kg averaged 352kg – $1,028.54 p/hd

A/c S Nelson & JE Graham sold Charolais Cross Steers 296.2c/kg averaged 375kg – $1,110.75 p/hd

A/c Roger Cowan sold a Charbray Steer 294.2c/kg weighed 427.5kg – $1,257.71

A/c JB & PA Green sold Speckle Park Steers 290.2c/kg averaged 370.8kg – $1,076.16 p/hd

A/c S & M Smith sold Angus Steers 290.2c/kg averaged 315kg – $914.13 p/hd

A/c AD & KG Morgan sold Charolais Cross Steers 282.2c/kg averaged 287.5kg – $811.33 p/hd

A/c Gaven Wear sold Angus Cross Steers 290.2c/kg averaged 205.5kg – $596.23 p/hd

A/c AK Woods sold Angus Cross Steers 288.2c/kg averaged 130kg – $374.66 p/hd

A/c T Payten sold Angus Cross Heifers 236.2c/kg averaged 311.9kg – $736.65 p/hd

A/c GV & DM Gilmour sold Angus Heifers 252.2c/kg averaged 237.5kg – $598.98 p/hd