Grafton Market Report

Date: Tuesday 19th January 2021

Total Head Yarded: 343 Export: 230 Veal: 113

Comments: Grafton Fat Sale saw a good yarding of cattle this week, with most cattle showing the benefits of the great season. Export cattle were well supplied, the majority being heavy cows. All processors were back in action and competed strongly to see both bullocks and cows sell much dearer. All the young cattle on offer were snapped up by restockers, with no sign of the market slowing, selling slightly dearer.
Please note there will be no Fat Cattle Sale next Tuesday 26th January 2021 due to the Australia Day Public Holiday. The next Fat Cattle Sale will be held Tuesday 2nd February 2021.

Bullocks & Steers550+380.2 c/kg350 to 370
Feeder Steers350kg+430.2 c/kg390 to 415
Cows450kg+315.2 c/kg295 to 308
Boner Cows/MeatworksN/Q
Boner Cows/Re-Stockers350kg376.2 c/kg290 to 320
Heifers 400kg+354.2 c/kg325 to 340
Yearlings300kg to 380kg442.2400 to 420
Vealers/Meatworks200kg to 280kgN/Q
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg628.2 c/kg550 to 600
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg570 c/kg500 to 550
Light Re-Stocker Steers100kg to 200kgN/Q
Light Re-Stocker Heifers100kg to 200kg648.2 c/kg550 to 600
Bobby Calves70kg to 110kgN/Q
BullsOver 550kg310 c/kg290 to 305

Sale Highlights:

A/c Ken McKenzie sold a Brahman Cross Bullock 365.2c/kg weighed 650kg – $2,373.80

A/c Joel Chevalley sold Brahman Cross Bullocks 370.2c/kg averaged 590kg – $2,184.18 p/hd

A/c JB Moran sold Shorthorn Steers 380.2c/kg averaged 565kg – $2,148.13 p/hd

A/c David Norman sold Angus Cross Steers 360.2c/kg averaged 540kg – $1,945.08 p/hd

A/c LD Holdings sold a Charolais Heifer 354.2c/kg weighed 562.5kg – $1,992.38

A/c SJ & JA Pereira sold an Angus Cross Cow 313.2c/kg weighed 585kg – $1,832.22

A/c Edwards Livestock sold Brangus Cows 314.2c/kg averaged 645kg – $2,026.59 p/hd

A/c Sawtolga Park sold Angus & Santa Cows 312.2c/kg averaged 728.6kg – $2,274.60

A/c IM & JL Fahey sold a Brangus Cow 313.2c/kg weighed 600kg – $1,879.20

A/c KJ Adams & JM King sold Charbray Cows 315.2c/kg averaged 732.5kg – $2,308.84 p/hd

A/c Nattai Investments sold Brahman/Hereford Cross Cows 311.2c/kg averaged 601.7kg – $1,872.39 p/hd

A/c Chevbros sold an Angus Bull 310c/kg weighed 980kg – $3,038.00

A/c TMMM Pastoral sold a Brahman Cross Steer 476.2c/kg weighed 325kg – $1,547.65

A/c Bruce Matten sold Angus Vealer Steers 628.2c/kg averaged 224kg – $1,407.17 p/hd

A/c T & D Devon sold an Angus Vealer Heifer 648.2c/kg weighed 145kg – $939.89


Store Cattle Sale Thursday 21st January 2021 | 9:00am

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Store Cattle Sale

Date: Thursday 21st January 2021

Total Head Yarded: 1168 x 129

Comments: Grafton’s monthly Store Sale once again saw a market which was almost unbelievable across all categories. All classes were well represented, with most stock showing good quality and condition. Highlights include some single vendors achieving averages over $1,500.00 for weaner steers and $1,400.00 for their heifer mates. PTIC Cows also reached new levels, with some sales making over 400c/kg. Cows & calves were up to $300 dearer compared to last years rates.

Next Store Cattle Sale Thursday 18th February 2021 | 9:00am

Store Bullocks450kg+374.2 c/kg340 to 350
Feeder Steers350kg+480.2 c/kg420 to 450
PTIC Cows420.2 c/kg320 to 370
Boner Cows/Restockers350kg374.2 c/kg280 to 320
PTIC Heifers$2,1251,800 to 2,000
Re-stocker Steers200kg to 280kg664.2 c/kg570 to 630
Re-stocker Heifers200kg to 280kg590.2 c/kg520 to 550
Light Re-Stocker SteersUp to 200kg706.2 c/kg620 to 660
Light Re-Stocker HeifersUp to 200kg658.2 c/kg600 to 630
Cows & Calves$3,0202,400 to 2,700

A/c RA Clark Pty Ltd sold a Charolais Steer 374.2c/kg weighed 585kg – $2,189.07

A/c AL Hulm & AC Walters sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers 428.2c/kg averaged 513.3kg – $2,198.09 p/hd

A/c RA Clark Pty Ltd sold Charolais Steers 462.2c/kg averaged 385.3kg – $1,781.01 p/hd

A/c LD Holdings sold Charolais Cross Steers 568.2c/kg averaged 317.5kg – $1,804.04 p/hd

A/c IM & JL Fahey sold a Charolais Cross Steer 474.2c/kg weighed 395kg – $1,873.09

A/c WH & SL Clay sold Angus Steers 474.2c/kg averaged 416kg – $1,972.67 p/hd

A/c RA Clark Pty Ltd sold Charolais Cross Steers 612.2c/kg averaged 272kg – $1,665.18 p/hd

A/c GV & DM Gilmour sold Angus Steers 620.2c/kg averaged 253.3kg – $1,571.17 p/hd

A/c Andrew Moran sold Angus Steers 574.2c/kg averaged 310.6kg – $1,783.61 p/hd

A/c AJ, PJ & RJ Matthews sold Angus Steers 664.2c/kg averaged 200.6kg – $1,332.55 p/hd

A/c B & B Spence sold Angus Steers 666.2c/kg averaged 176.7kg – $1,176.95 p/hd

A/c Gordonbrook sold Charolais Steers 626.2c/kg averaged 238kg – $1,490.36 p/hd

A/c J Cameron & S Wallace sold Senepol Steers 680.2c/kg averaged 165kg – $1,122.33 p/hd

A/c Thamarra Pty Ltd sold Angus Steers 664.2c/kg averaged 210kg – $1,394.82 p/hd

A/c Thamarra Pty Ltd sold Angus Steers 706.2c/kg averaged 157.5kg – $1,112.27 p/hd

A/c M McKeown sold Charolais Heifers – $2,125.00 p/hd

A/c JA Marshall sold Charolais Heifers 450.2c/kg averaged 402.5kg – $1,812.06 p/hd

A/c GV & DM Gilmour sold Brangus Heifers 550.2c/kg averaged 273kg – $1,502.05 p/hd

A/c AJ, PJ & RJ Matthews sold Angus Cross Heifers 590.2c/kg averaged 205kg – $1,209.91

A/c WJ Clancy sold Angus Cross Heifers 642.2c/kg averaged 187.5kg – $1,204.13 p/hd

A/c KJ Adams & JM King sold Charolais Cross Cows & Calves – $2,880.00 p/unit

A/c J & W Hope sold Angus Cows & Calves – $2,975.00 p/unit

A/c Norm & Marie Green sold a Brahman Cross Cow & Calf – $2,950.00

A/c Springwood Grazing sold a Droughtmaster Cross Cow & Calf – $2,940.00

A/c J & W Hope sold Brangus Cows 420.2c/kg averaged 456kg – $1,916.11 p/hd

A/c Brant Murphy sold a Brangus Cow 414.2c/kg weighed 515kg – $2,133.13

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