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Prime Cattle Sales

We conduct prime cattle sales every Tuesday at the Grafton Saleyards commencing at

8:00am. Store cattle sales are held third Thursday of the month, commencing 10:00am.

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We conduct:

  • Fat Cattle sales every Tuesday
  • Store Cattle sales third Thursday of every month
  • Paddock sales, over the hook and direct to feedlot sales

Market Report


There was an outstanding yarding of Clarence Valley weaners yarded at yesterday's Annual Feature Weaner Sale.  A total of 2,600 head went under the hammer, which was the biggest yarding in Ray's 30 years as a Livestock Agent.

The quality of the yarding was top shelf, which was reflected in the strong market, from the start right until the end.  Restocking orders came from as far as Victoria in the South, Western NSW and Southern QLD, as well as Eastern Dorrigo and Ebor.

Our company would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal vendors and congratulate them on the presentation of their quality livestock.

Also thanks to our young team of Saleyard Staff for their long hours and 100% dedication to get the job done.

Another thank you is extended to our sponsors for the Best Pen categories:





Sale Highlights:

Check out these top results we achieved for our clients......

W & S Donoghue sold Charolais Cross Steers 338.2c/kg weighed 350.7kgs - $1,186.12p/hd

KJ Adams & JM King sold Charbray Steers 366.2c/kg weighed 306.7kgs - $1,123.01p/hd

CJ & DM Love sold Simmental Steers 382.2c/kg weighed 274.4kgs - $1,048.66p/hd - This pen won the class for

'Best Pen European Infused Weaner Steers'

Gordonbrook sold Simmental Cross Steers 382.2c/kg weighed 272.5kgs - $1,041.50p/hd

RR Davey sold Santa Gertrudis Cross Steers 380.2c/kg weighed 290kgs - $1,102.58p/hd

EL & JD Pearce sold Charolais Cross Steers 374.2c/kg weighed 240kgs - $898.08p/hd

L & L Eagles sold Charolais/Santa Cross Steers 370.2c/kg weighed 275kgs - $1,018.05p/hd

Also sold Charolais Cross Heifers 328.2c/kg weighed 230kgs - $754.86p/hd

Nattai Investments Pty Ltd sold Brahman Cross Steers 366.2c/kg weighed 278.5kgs - $1,019.73p/hd

WD & PM Browning sold Angus Steers 386.2c/kg weighed 265kgs - $1,023.43p/hd

WD & PM Browning also sold Angus Heifers 340.2c/kg weighed 267.5kgs - $910.04p/hd - This pen won the class for 'Best Pen British Infused Weaner Heifers'

BVG Taylor sold Angus Steers 402.2c/kg weighed 219.3kgs - $882.16p/hd

Tallawudjah Pty Ltd sold Angus Cross Steers 404.2c/kg weighed 225.5kgs - $911.29p/hd

M & I Goldstein sold Angus Steers 388.2c/kg weighed 308.3kgs - $1,196.95p/hd

DR Caldwell sold Angus Steers 398.2c/kg weighed 249.6kgs - $994.08p/hd

GR & RJ Wear sold Angus Steers 434.2c/kg weighed 170.8kgs - $741.76p/hd

Leigh Priestley sold Hereford Steers 348.2c/kg weighed 266.5kgs - $927.95p/hd - This pen won the class for

'Best Pen Whiteface Weaners'

Baryulgil Pastoral Co sold Hereford Steers 390.2c/kg weighed 192.4kgs - $750.56p/hd

Mount Jackadgery Cattle Station sold Charolais Cross Steers 426.2c/kg weighed 171.7kgs - $731.64p/hd

WH & SL Clay sold Angus Steers 444.2c/kg weighed 164kgs - $728.49p/hd

PD & KA Stephenson sold Angus/Hereford Cross Steers 442.2c/kg weighed 156.9kgs - $693.70p/hd

DJ Marshall Trust sold Angus Heifers 340.2c/kg weighed 239.2kgs - $813.65p/hd

BJ & RL Ellis sold Brangus/Limousin Heifers 346.2c/kg weighed 214.2kgs - $741.45p/hd


Market Report


An outstanding yarding of just under 500 head were at the Annual Grafton Select Female & Breeder Sale held at Grafton Saleyards on the 23rd of February, 2017.  Seats were scarce at the selling complex with buyers attending from as far as the Tweed in the North, the Macleay Valley to the South and everywhere in between on the coastal fringe.

The market for all categories was strong with an overall average of $1,405 per head.  The top price of the day being for unjoined Simmental Heifers a/c BA & MJ Moran of Cowper hitting the high notes and setting the record at Grafton for commercial females making $2,200.

Around 70 Cows & Calves were yarded, including the herd dispersal of BA & TA Winter, with an excellent run of Brahman & F1 Cows & Calves reaching a top of $1,960 and averaging $1,638 right through.  The top priced pen of Cows & Calves went to RA & CA Connor with Angus/Hereford Cows with Angus Calves at foot and PTIC red tags topping at $2,160.

The Winter family topped the Cow section with a pen of their Red Brahman Cows PTIC to Angus Bull making $1,520.

A good line of 90 PTIC Heifers met very strong competition selling from $1,380 to $2,000.  The top price was for Angus Heifers PTIC to Angus Bulls a/c G & D Paulus from Nana Glen.

Ian Robinson sold 30 Angus & Brangus Heifers PTIC to a top of $1,880 to average $1,800 right through.


A brilliant run of unjoined Heifers was also in hot demand with the standout sale of BA & MJ Moran’s Simmentals making $2,200.  Heifers a/c The Pigg Family topped the F1 section reaching $1,600 for Angus/Brahman Cross while the F1 Charbrays a/c IM & JL Fahey were not far behind at $1,500.


Weaner Heifers, once again, were a standout with Droughtmaster/Hereford Cross Heifers a/c The McIntyre Family made to a top of $1,480 while Angus Heifers a/c DJ Marshall Trust reached $1,010.


At the completion of the sale, there was good vibes with vendors feeling very happy with prices achieved and buyers very pleased with the quality of the cattle offered.


Ray Donovan Stock & Station would like to thank all the vendors for presenting a spectacular line-up of Females and thank the buyers for their support and making the journey.


This Sale will be held once again next year on the 22nd February.  If you have any suitable cattle or general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our team today…

Sale Highlights:

RA & CA Connor sold Angus Cross Cows & Calves - $2,160p/unit

BA & TA Winter sold Brahman Cows - $1,520p/hd

Also sold F1 Brangus Heifers - $1,560p/hd

Woodbrook Pastoral sold Santa Gertrudis Heifers - $1,900p/hd

IL Robinson sold Brangus Heifers - $1,880p/hd

Turtle Creek Bloodlines sold Brangus Heifers - $1,720p/hd

G & D Paulus sold Angus Heifers - $2,000p/hd

BA & MJ Moran sold Simmental Heifers - $2,200p/hd

GR & JA Pigg sold F1 Angus/Brangus Heifers - $1,600p/hd

AG & ME Dougherty sold Angus Heifers - $1,350p/hd

IM & JL Fahey sold F1 Charbray Heifers - $1,500p/hd

AJ, PJ & SM Williamson sold Brahman Heifers - $1,200p/hd

AJ & KA McIntyre sold Droughtmaster/Hereford Cross Heifers - $1,480p/hd

DJ Marshall Trust sold Angus Heifers - $1,010p/hd

Clarence Valley Select Female & Breeder Sale Flyer

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