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RG & HA Miller
324 Lawrence Road, Alumy Creek
Saturday 8th July, 2017 at 10.00am


Farm Machinery & Equipment

80HP 4x4 Fiat DT 80.66 Tractor, 65HP Ford 4600 Tractor, Celli Scorpio Mulcher 1800 (as new),

60” Howard Rotary Hoe, 2 x 3 PTL Fertilizer Spreaders, Seedmatic Tyne Seeder,

3 Leaf Diamond Harrow on 3 PTL Frame, 3mtr Roller, Jib, 3 PTL Forks, Farm Trailer,

PTL Silvan Spray Unit 400ltr, Round Bale Feeder, 3 Phase Lincoln Welder,240 Single Phase Welder,

Three Phase to Single Phase Transformer, 1½” Pump with three Phase Motor, Stainless Steel Urn,

Stainless Steel Fittings, Valves, Gal Fittings, Brass Fittings, Poly Fittings, 44gal Drum & Pumps,

44gal Drum Lifter, Snig Chains, Crow Bar, Wire, Steel Posts, 3 x Elect. Fence Units, Rolls & Tape,

1800 Bricks, 60 Bales Rye & Clover Hay, Steel Rack & Assort. Off Cuts, 80 x 9’ Sheets Corrugated Iron, Pressure Washer 2500 PSI (as new), 10ltr Linseed Oil, Elect. Hedge Trimmer, Elect. Stihl Whipper Snipper, Buffalo Fly Back Rubber, Drench Guns, Inoculator Guns, Callicrate Bander with 1,000 Rubbers,

NLIS Pliers, Battery Cattle Prodder, Fencing Pliers & Strainers, Small Battery Charger, Ladies Bike,

Gas Fish Smoker, Garden Row Seeder, Plus Sundries. too numerous to mention……………………………….



Irrigation Complete - Starlight Direct Drive 10KW Pump, 10 x 2” Alum. Pipe with Monsoon Sprays, 20x3”x 9mtrs Alum. Pipes, 20x3”x 6mtr Alum. Pipes, Suction Line, Flat Hose, Foot Valve, Spare Fittings, 3” Monsoon Spray


Outside Entries 

McCormick Limited Edition 105hp Four Wheel Drive Tractor with over axle blade & stick rake,

T250-Trailco Irrigator, 2 x T200-Trailco Irrigators, Southern Cross TC 2000 Travelling Irrigator,

Two cylinder Lister 30HP Motor & Irrigation Pump, 2 x New 3.5metre Roller Doors



Light Refreshments Available                   Bidding card system will apply          Terms Strictly Cash,or cheque/ Eftpos Available